Brazilian Agate Stone Accessories For The Home

Brazilian Agate Stone – Comes in various shapes and forms. The stone exhibits unique sizable geodes of layered nodules. Original stone color shows to be in brownish tones layered with white and gray patterns/ layers. The quartz forms within these nodules create a striking specimen when cut opposite the layered growth axis. The Agate Stone when Hand Crafted is often dyed in various colors to the final product design. It is available in different tones of color(s): red, brown, yellow, orange and black.

* This stone also is known to stimulate analytical abilities and perception, while eliminating negativity.

Courtesy of: RabLabs – In this photo each coaster is uniquely cut from a Brazilian agate stone which may vary in size and tone it is Designed by: Anna Rabinowicz.

Brazilian Agate Stone Accessories For The Home

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