Artist JR’s PICTURE ART Creations – Women Are Heroes – Favela , Morro da Providência RJ, Brazil

The extraordinary work of art displayed by JR – French Artist – shows the vast size of his canvas. JR’s creations spread out in the poverty areas around the world by exhibiting freedom, identity and passion for life. His large, vast of creativity, brings Photography and Art together in a complete new light of expressive displays.

One of his projects photographic art outdoor exhibits called “Women Are Heroes” took place in the Favela, “Morro da Providência” – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Favela – “morro” (hill) sits overlooking the city docks of Rio’s Central Station. This large canvas scale of open space was completed in 2008 with over 18 photographs of women, relatives of the victims, whom have been touched by the clashes between the police and drug traffickers.  This covered the facades of the slum homes on the “Morro da Providência”.

French Artist JR – Awards includes the – 2011 Annual TED prize.

Courtesy Image by: Vanderlei Almeida .AFP-Getty Images

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