Brazilian Architect and Creative Director Roberta Rammê ~ The Concept Form of the All-in-One Wave Chaise

Roberta Rammê currently Partner and Creative Director at “Maena Arquitetura e Design” in Porto Alegre, Brazil specializes in creating strategic and conceptual designs applicable to various environments in brand visual identity to the point of sale.
The Concept Form of the All-in-One Wave Chaise was designed with extreme technological functionality at its best for the global hi-tech culture of facilities within reach in a efficient economical environment. Features built-in; Television, DVD, CD, Gaming Station, MP3s, Wi-Fi, Shelves and Workspace.

 Courtesy Photos by: Design Boom / DB Image(s)

NOTE: Currently the All-in-One Wave Chaise is in concept form only.

Further prototype and concept form information please view indicated web site: