BOA MISTURA’s project “LUZ NAS VIELAS”, Vila Brasilândia- São Paulo, Brazil

BOA MISTURA –“Good Mixture” Specializes in graffiti, street murals, illustration, graphic design, studio painting and outdoor installations. A true diverse group of designers-artists come together and create extraordinary works of art; Artist – Architect Javier Serrano Guerra, Artist – Photographer – Videographer Juan Jaume Fernández, Artist – Graphic Designer Pablo Ferreiro Mederos, Artist – Illustrator, Advertising – Public Relations Pablo Purón Carrillo and Artist – Civil Engineer Rubén Martín de Lucas.

 Project “LUZ NAS VIELAS”, one of the extensive canvases – landscape creations of the work of art displayed in the Favela – Vila Brasilândia- São Paulo, Brazil shows the vibrant colors within the streets that connect the urban net, known as Vielas and Becos. In a colorful display of minimal space shows within the distinct visions of the words Amor (Love); Doçura (Tenderness); Beleza (Beauty); Firmeza (Stability) and Orgulho (Pride). The words express the meaning of human life within the community.

Courtesy Photos by: Nerea López

You tube Published on May 6, 2012 by boamistura

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