Brazilian Artist and Designer Kakau Höfke

Kakau Höfke is known for incorporating beautiful landscapes and iconic sceneries from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in her exquisite paintings of warm colors – with contours of graphic arts patterns, accessories for the home items and furniture pieces. One of her current projects includes designing the famous shopping bags for the Macy’s department store chain leader in America during the Tribute “Brasil, A Magical Journey” 2012.

 Kakau Höfke por Bia Moraes

Macy’s ~ Tribute “Brasil, A Magical Journey”

Statue of Christ the Redeemer ~ “Cristo Redentor”

Fabric for seat-print Rio de Janeiro | Rio 2011

 Statue of Christ the Redeemer ~ “Cristo Redentor”

Pattern Fabric for seat-print Rio de Janeiro | Rio 2011

Pillows in jean | 50x50cm or 40x35cm | Rio 2011

Piece developed for the group exhibition Creative House, at the Clark Art Center, Rio de Janeiro. Kakau Höfke | sculpture off table | MDF, acrylic, light | 35x20x12cm | Rio 2011

 Sculpture created for the group exhibition Infinitta InBox, where each artist has developed its creation from the same support, an old metal box. Kakau Höfke | light box | metal, acrylic, light | 24x60x7cm | Rio 2011

Courtesy video by: Kakau Höfke “O Rio de Kakau Höfke”

 Courtesy photos by: Kakau Höfke

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