ECO Green Design by Klein Dytham architecture

DANONE WATERS OF JAPAN Co., Ltd., headquarters in Tokyo, incorporates own company theme in the interior décor by using their recycled products as the design materials for the space. Established since 1994, “Volvic” and “Evian” are the flagship brands within the corporation. Japan has also prioritized the importance and awareness of its recycling process.

The Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) group, one of Japan’s most exciting young design firms, compiled thousands of empty plastic ECO green recycled PET bottles in the partition screens. That emulates a clear glass wall (flow of water/ water fall) between the cubicles. Thus, allowing light to illuminate through the office blue print, creating a sense of open floor space with a strong statement of functionality.

British Architect Mark Dytham – director of Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) and German Architect Astrid Klein – partner of Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) have gained recognition with a series of award-winning projects. The architectural firm focuses on: design disciplines including architecture, interiors, temporary constructions, furniture, installations and events.

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Klein Dytham architectureクライン・ダイサム・アーキテクツ


Location: 2-20-3-4F Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Klein Dytham architecture: Astrid Klein, Mark Dytham, Shinpei Tokitsu

General Contractor: Berthier Associates, ISHIZUE Interior Fit Out Company

Designed: December 2004- February 2005

Construction: February 2005- March 2005

Main Materials:

Screen- PET Bottles hung with stainless steel wire

Entrance Display – tempered glass with transparent color film, photo bonded glass shelves

Ceiling- acrylic emulsion paint

Wall- light gage steel partition, plaster board thickness 12, acrylic emulsion paint, tempered glass with transparent color film

Floor- carpet tile

Floor area: 400m2

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Klein Dytham architecture クライン・ダイサム・アーキテクツ

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