Christine Feldmann Isagenix Experience

Christine Feldmann Isagenix Experience

Isagenix Independent Associate Christine Feldmann - Rio Designs

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My Story … 9 Day Program

It was and is the best decision for me!

Since my emergency spinal surgery, I had to regain my strength quickly and follow a strict regimen in order to avoid any setbacks. With surgery and recovery, my body went through a lot of trauma. Once the two months post -op recovery of my surgery date finally arrived, it became evident, that I needed to go through a cleanse program. I decided to try ISAGENIX, the 30 Day program and start with the 9 Day Cleanse (included with the 30 day program), I was able to achieve my goal by cleansing in a healthy way and continue my spinal recovery process. This program also helped me to loose over 8.5 pounds and 2 ½ inches off my Bust, Arm, Hip & Thigh area(s). This was not hard to accomplish and as a matter a fact, it was extremely easy to complete.

I feel great and fabulous!

Special thanks to; Lisa Cohen, for introducing me to this wonderful product and being part of my cleanse program.


Yours truly,


Christine Feldmann

Isagenix Independent Associate – Christine Feldmann

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Isagenix Independent Associate Christine Feldmann - Rio Designs

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