Art of the Berimbau – Musical Instrument by Artisan Kasey Sanders (Baiano)

Brazilian in spirit Artisan Kasey Sanders hand crafts exquisite Berimbau(s)  Afro-Brazilian Musical instrument with a work of true cultural tradition. The Berimbau with its vivid colors and extraordinary design is an incredible and versatile musical art piece. It is one of the key instruments played in the ritualistic – dance/ martial art capoeira, where it commands how the capoeiristas move in the “roda”- circle.

The Berimbau consists of the: “Caxixi”- Rattle, “Verga” – Bow, “Arame” – String, “Baqueta” – Stick, “Pedra” – Stone, “Cabaca” – Gourd. The different sound derives from SM- Viola- Highest Tone, M- Media- Medium Tone and LRG- Gunga- Loudest Tone. The berimbau’s quality does not depend on the length of the verga or the size of the gourd, rather on the diameter and hardness of the verga’s wood and the quality of the gourd.

Although the Berimbau is created as a Musical Instrument and has a Functional Value in Artisan Kasey Sanders (Baiano) Designsit also partakes to the Art -Sculpture for your home.

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Please view video of Kasey Sanders (Baiano) : Artisan/ Capoeirista playing the Berimbau:

Kasey Sanders (Baiano) : Artisan/ Capoeirista

SubContramestre Baiano * Capoeira Sol Nascente – Located in New Jersey- USA

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