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Brazilian Dragonflies Black, Blue, Raspberry & Turquoise Dragonflies are found in Amazon Rainforest- Brazil. Aeshnidae, Cordulegastridae, Gomphidae and Libellulidae are some of their families. They eat mosquitoes, flies, bees and butterflies. Adult dragonflies are harmless insects to humans but nymphs deliver the painful and harmless bite. A dragonfly is a symbol of sense of self, […]

Kakau Höfke is known for incorporating beautiful landscapes and iconic sceneries from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in her exquisite paintings of warm colors – with contours of graphic arts patterns, accessories for the home items and furniture pieces. One of her current projects includes designing the famous shopping bags for the Macy’s department store chain leader in […]

The Brazilian society is well known for finding artistic solutions to a great variety of issues concerning recyclable plastic materials. Brazil is the world leader in innovative alternatives for reusing PET bottles after their consumption. With vast creativity and growth within the communities it has shown to be an exceptional tool in bringing awareness to the world. ECO […]

Carlos Alberto Rezende Sobral is known for working with recycled plastics to produce polyester resin material (s) and has fine tuned his techniques by developing exquisite Designs of Jewelry, Home Décor, Accessories and Furniture Pieces.  This material emulates amber, wood, pearls, precious stones and ivory. The entire production process from start to finish is ECO Green including […]

The Beauty of Brazilian Artist Domingo Tótora’s Work

Domingos Tótora is known for working with recycled cardboard – paper as the source material for his work. All of his creations with recycled cardboard become sculptures of functionality in the home.
These exquisite designs of recycled cardboard vases are crafted by hand. The beauty of Domingos Tótora’s work brings the final touch of the design to be unique and functional.

For further information and purchasing options please view indicated web site:


Brazilian Agate Stone Accessories For The Home

Brazilian Agate Stone – Comes in various shapes and forms. The stone exhibits unique sizable geodes of layered nodules. Original stone color shows to be in brownish tones layered with white and gray patterns/ layers. The quartz forms within these nodules create a striking specimen when cut opposite the layered growth axis. The Agate Stone when Hand Crafted is often dyed in various colors to the final product design. It is available in reds, browns, yellows, oranges, and blacks, sometimes with banding, stripes or zoning.

* This stone also is known to stimulate analytical abilities and perception, while eliminating negativity.

Courtesy of: RabLabs – In this photo each coaster is uniquely cut from a Brazilian agate stone which may vary in size and tone is designed by Anna Rabinowicz.

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History of Brazilian Wish Bracelets - Bahia Bands

Bahia Bands~ Also known as Brazilian Wish Bracelets, they are a 200 year-old tradition from Brazil. These ribbons of Bonfim are said to bring good luck to those who adhere to the tradition. Nowadays, the Bahia Bands are worn as a fashion accessory as well as a good luck charm. The wish ribbon is tied around the wrist with 3 knots. A wish is made for each of the 3 knots tied. Once the Brazilian Wish Bracelet falls off the wrist on its own, it is believed the 3 wishes will come true.
The writing on the ribbon says ”Lembrança do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia”, or in remembrance of the savior of Bahia, or Souvenir from the God of Bahia.

*Make Sure NOT to cut them OFF – As it becomes bad luck!
OR Decorate your Home by hanging the beautiful color Bahia Bands on a wreath on a special spot on your Wall in your Home.

Vase By Artisan’s in Brazil -TUPI

Brazil has a large artisan cultural background. Beautiful hand crafted designs gives each piece a unique detail and character. Tupi Brazilian Homewares Store – Located in Australia brings the “Recycled for Life” back to life and in your home. Photo showing: The handmade piece with each vase containing unique detail. To purchase from the on line store go to http://www.tupiliving.com.au/collections/frontpage

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