Eco-Extravaganza with an Aspiring Green Fashion Photographer Christopher Bossio

Jersey Shore aspiring green fashion photographer Christopher Bossio is a professional artist known for his glamorous, sensual fashion photography and intricate use of light. Christopher’s 20 years of experience shows to be the perfect marriage to communicate the way to think through photography and design. His inspiration and vision for his Eco-Extravaganza exhibits an array of organic beauty within his work.  The details of his photographs share an untold story by capturing still images and transforming them into a series of beguiling works of art.

Christopher’s project includes the work of “Eco-Friendly Fashion”, with Italian Model Debbie Abazia, that encapsulates her beauty on the New Jersey- Beach Front in Monmouth County. Capturing the true essence of her beauty during the summer on the Jersey Shore in -style and depicting its exquisite landscape views. Connecting with Eco – Green awareness going green becomes a part of his portfolio. Top social concerns includes supporting the environmental sustainability projects and in the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest- Brazil.

Debbie Abazia – Professional Model ~ Website:

Christopher Bossio is the Owner of, Bossio Photography LLC ~ his work includes: Model Portfolios, Celebrity Weddings, Executive Head- Shots, Album Covers, Clothing Catalogs to New York Runway Shows, Swimsuit- Fashion Show in the Caribbean, Architectural- Travel Log Imagery all over Europe, Creative Conceptualization of Model Portfolios, Events to promote yourself and Design collections. Including but not limited to; Consultation, Training and Development – in all areas of the industry.

Bossio Photography LLC

Studio Location by appointment only.

Courtesy photos provided by: Christopher M. Bossio

Photographer- Model Trainer/ Consultant/ Producer- Artist

Location: Washington- DC,   New Jersey,   New York and Philadelphia

For further information please view indicated link:



For further information please view indicated link:


Debbie Abazia – Professional Model

New York metropolitan area.

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