Eco-Friendly Fashion Goes Glam with Italian Model Debbie Abazia

       Italian beauty of the Jersey Shore – Fashion Model Debbie Abazia, is known nationally for her array of accomplishments, exquisite sophistication and distinctive work in the modeling industry.  One of Abazia’s projects includes becoming an eco-fashion model and advocate to the growing demographics of green fashion in the New York metropolitan area. Green is not the new black, green is the new glam and it comes with innovation, environmentally conscious designs and infused green fashion extravaganza. The world has embraced many green movements in a stride to become more environmentally friendly and this has now filtered into the fashion sector. Eco fashion has become an ever prevalent occurrence with designers at a global level by embracing mother – nature and taking a more sustainable approach.

            Photographer Christopher Bossio comes together with Debbie Abazia and creates beautiful photographs displaying her Italian beauty on the famous Jersey Shore beach front.  Wearing a fabulous design of handcrafted, unique and one of  kind piece of art – jewelry created by the renown Italian designer Francesca Romana Diana. She is one of the most renowned jewelry designers in Brazil and worldwide. This is a collection created in partnership with the princess, artist and painter Lelli de Orleans e Bragança. In parts, screens are reproduced handmade paintings where the artist depicts landscapes of tropical fauna and flora during the imperial period, celebrating the history of Brazil. The designer’s creations combine the best of Eco – Friendly Fashion of Italian elegance and femininity with the sophistication and style of Brazil.

            Debbie Abazia’s career includes clients such as: Clairol, Villager’s Hardware, Contemporary Bride of NJ Magazine, NJ Bride Magazine, Shadowbrook Reception Hall,  Tahiti Apparel, Naturalizer Shoes, Vaseline Intensive Care, Briechle Fernandez, Inc., Poison Prevention Spokesperson, Superb Magazine, Entiise Lingerie, Live Life Organics, The Model Channel, In Jersey Magazine, Hip Chick Purses, Brunello Reserve Label, Carolina Designs, Millennium Magazine, Bella NYC Magazine, Steppin Out Magazine,  daGLAM Magazine and Colon Cancer Alliance. Environmental issues are also among Abazia’s top social concerns, as she supports environmental sustainability, and in the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest- Brazil.

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Debbie Abazia – Professional Model

New York metropolitan area.


Courtesy photos provided by: Christopher M. Bossio/ Bossio Photography LLC

Photographer- Model Trainer/ Consultant/ Producer- Artist

Location: Washington- DC,   New Jersey,   New York and Philadelphia

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Courtesy photo by:  MG Studio

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