Social Media & PR

Integrated social media campaigns are now a must have for forward thinking brands. Each specific marketing element should all come together with common messaging, goals and brand elements. Rio Designs will be your partner in creating and implementing an effective social media plan focused on effective user and viral strategies. We ensure that your social outcomes match your business goals by using measurable indicators specific to your business rather than generic measurements.

Non-specific examples of indicators may include: decreased bounce rate, increased qualified leads, downloaded trials, coupon redemption, membership increase, shift to more positive postings about your company and other loyalty and retention programs. You do not need to have an actual product to benefit from social media as services can also be measured. Our social community management team can train your in-house team and/or manage your entire outreach.

It is critical to create a unique plan to engage your customer base and to develop an integrated marketing campaign that makes sense to your targeted audience. Successful campaigns often include identifying brand ambassadors, engagement strategies, micro sites, email marketing, direct target response initiatives, paid search and reaching out to relevant social media venues.

We devise carefully constructed public relations campaigns that provide the press and the consumer with information they need and want to know. We will transform your company using our media contacts and help your company to flourish in the public eye.

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