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Rio Designs is a for profit small business, socially responsible ECO brand that is committed to empowering artisans through creative design and sustainable economic opportunities. Founded in 2012 via collaboration partnerships by mutual friendship, Debbie Abazia, “Professional Model” and Christine Feldmann, “Founder” of Rio Designs was created as a platform to utilize the combined passions of ethical design and […]

2nd Annual Jessica Ann Fox Fundraiser- CapoeiraThon Plays Against Triple Negative Breast Cancer The Pearl Street Gym and Afro Brazilian Martial Arts and Fitness, LLC hosted their 2nd Annual Capoeira-Thon Event on Sunday, March 10, 2013 in Long Branch, NJ. Open to the public, this event introduced people not only to the dynamic art of Capoeira, but also […]

Rio Designs Love * Shop * Live * Life is a small business dedicated to supporting communities in need by working together with the Brazilian Artisans and their Eco- Friendly products alongside Sol and the Fair Trade organization. By promoting the Brazilian cultural splendor, contributing to the economic development, sustainability of the up and coming communities in […]

Brazilian Dragonflies Black, Blue, Raspberry & Turquoise Dragonflies are found in Amazon Rainforest- Brazil. Aeshnidae, Cordulegastridae, Gomphidae and Libellulidae are some of their families. They eat mosquitoes, flies, bees and butterflies. Adult dragonflies are harmless insects to humans but nymphs deliver the painful and harmless bite. A dragonfly is a symbol of sense of self, […]

Kakau Höfke is known for incorporating beautiful landscapes and iconic sceneries from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in her exquisite paintings of warm colors – with contours of graphic arts patterns, accessories for the home items and furniture pieces. One of her current projects includes designing the famous shopping bags for the Macy’s department store chain leader in […]

The Brazilian society is well known for finding artistic solutions to a great variety of issues concerning recyclable plastic materials. Brazil is the world leader in innovative alternatives for reusing PET bottles after their consumption. With vast creativity and growth within the communities it has shown to be an exceptional tool in bringing awareness to the world. ECO […]

Brazilian Artist Vicente José de Oliveira Muniz, known as “Vik Muniz”, partakes in various projects with recyclable materials. Vastly known for working with recycled garbage using unconventional materials as its main source of his landscape designs. Muniz’s creations surround strong awareness to reduce pollution within the communities in Brazil. Partaking in the United Nations Conference on […]

Rio+20 ~ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  ~ ECO GREEN Fish Sculptures The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Short term) “Rio+20”, is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2012. Rio+20 goals are to bring awareness and define pathways to a greener environment. Thus focusing to discuss sustainable development and closing pseudo-agreements between the […]

Diego Limberti known for his creations of concept art, graffiti, illustrations and paintings has a vast direction of branding his work. One of his exquisite landscapes of designs called “Oasis” has launched in the Macy’s project collection called Brasil, Magical Journey. His work has an urban touch to his style which is highlighted by compositions made […]

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