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DANONE WATERS OF JAPAN Co., Ltd., headquarters in Tokyo, incorporates own company theme in the interior décor by using their recycled products as the design materials for the space. Established since 1994, “Volvic” and “Evian” are the flagship brands within the corporation. Japan has also prioritized the importance and awareness of its recycling process. The Klein Dytham architecture […]

Kakau Höfke is known for incorporating beautiful landscapes and iconic sceneries from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in her exquisite paintings of warm colors – with contours of graphic arts patterns, accessories for the home items and furniture pieces. One of her current projects includes designing the famous shopping bags for the Macy’s department store chain leader in […]

Carlos Alberto Rezende Sobral is known for working with recycled plastics to produce polyester resin material (s) and has fine tuned his techniques by developing exquisite Designs of Jewelry, Home Décor, Accessories and Furniture Pieces.  This material emulates amber, wood, pearls, precious stones and ivory. The entire production process from start to finish is ECO Green including […]

Roberta Rammê currently Partner and Creative Director at “Maena Arquitetura e Design” in Porto Alegre, Brazil specializes in creating strategic and conceptual designs applicable to various environments in brand visual identity to the point of sale. The Concept Form of the All-in-One Wave Chaise was designed with extreme technological functionality at its best for the global hi-tech […]

Furniture Design – Bahia Chair Bonfim

London Base Design Studio: 20Age does exquisite modern classics refurbishing of historic furniture pieces by today’s most exciting designers. The Bahia Chair Design was created with the vintage Parker Knoll wingback it is covered in 5,000 Brazilian Bonfim ribbons, usually worn around the wrist for good luck and also hung as an art piece in the interior space of your home. The fabric colors are vibrant and warm. The base and top colors showing the yellow velvet cord and green checked cotton with the final touch of turquoise buttons to complete the final design and incorporating the lucky charm of the Bonfim.

For stores and further information please view below web site: http://20age.com

Vitra Design Museum-The Works of the Brazilian brothers Fernando & Humberto Campana 1989-2009

Vitra Design Museum: Antibodies. The Works of Fernando & Humberto Campana 1989-2009
Vitra Design Museum recently presented the exhibition, titled Antibodies, which included the works of Fernando & Humberto Campana from 1989-2009. The Brazilian brothers have worked together as furniture designers in Sao Paulo since 1989.

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